The Holidays: A Time To Be Grateful

As the holidays quickly approach, Kerin and I (along with our amazing HH team) are working around the clock to get ready for our biggest holiday season to date.  Today is Thanksgiving and it has me feeling extremely grateful and nostalgic for where Hollis Hayes is and how far it has come.

After graduating college with a psychology degree, I joined the “real world”, or what I thought was the real world.  Getting a 9 to 5 job was what I was supposed to do, right?  Although my job didn’t have anything to do with my psychology degree, it paid well and created a solid foundation in my early adult life.  I, not unlike many other twenty somethings, quickly found myself feeling discontent.  That’s where Hollis Hayes comes in.  Like many other “side hustles”, HH was born at the desk of my first real job and I haven’t looked back since.

This holiday season, I am grateful that I had (and still have) the courage and the mindset to know that life is too short to waste time. I am grateful to have parents who fully supported me when I had the conversation with them about leaving my job, with no money saved, to make bracelets.  They believed in me and knew that I would make it work somehow.

Most of all, this holiday season, I am so grateful that my sister and I are living our dream. Thanks to The Hallmark Stores, The Paper Store, our beloved boutiques and amazing customers believing in our dream, we are able to continue doing this. The jewelry business is very competitive and we are learning as we go, but being my own #girlboss is the best thing that has ever happened to me and for that, I am beyond...beyond grateful.

Feeling nostalgic and looking back is always nice but we are so excited about what is to come for Hollis Hayes.  Please make sure you’re following us on social media because you don’t want to miss out on our updates! 

As a thank you for reading this and being a HH supporter, we are offering 25% off your entire order with offer code: THANKFUL.  This offer is good until Monday 11/27 at midnight so get shopping :)

With a grateful heart,


side note:

what I am not grateful for

1  all the leftover Halloween candy I ate

2  Julian Edelman being out for the season

3  That is all

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